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Howard Stanley Hart was an entrepreneur, inventor, industrialist, and builder.  One of Hart's many inventions was a steel heating register that proved superior to traditional heavy cast-iron models. In partnership with Norman P. Cooley, Hart established the Hart & Cooley Manufacturing Company in New Britain, Connecticut in 1901. This new company became the first in the nation to manufacture warm-air registers from stamped steel, a product line that gained almost instant success.

In the Roaring Twenties, Hart & Cooley expanded their register business to Holland, Michigan, where they opened a manufacturing facility. By the early 1930s, Hart & Cooley was the world's largest producer of warm-air registers. The Holland plant grew and soon featured unmatched facilities for research and manufacturing.

WWII required American companies to help the military, and Hart & Cooley was no exception. During these years, the company worked three shifts on a 24-hour basis to produce watertight shipboard electrical boxes and 60-millimeter mortar shells instead of their usual HVAC products. During the Korean War, the mortar dies and special presses were brought out once more to support the troops.

During the second half of the century, Hart & Cooley expanded into many other products lines, winning Michigan's Achievement of the Year honors for a developing a line of Type-B vent for gas-fired appliances.  This was followed closely with the development of all-fuel chimney systems.  Thereafter, to further expand their product offering, Hart & Cooley acquired several manufactures of flexible air ducting.

Hart & Cooley celebrated a centennial anniversary in 2001 and relocated its headquarters to Grand Rapids, Michigan six years later.

Today, Hart & Cooley remains a leader in the HVAC industry, providing great products and service all across North America.

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